Concept Questions and Time Lines

Concept Questions and Time Lines is used by over 100,000 English language teachers around the world and is used on English language teacher training courses such as the University of Cambridge Local Exams CELTA qualification.

This photocopiable book will help you check learners have understood the meaning of the language you are teaching them. The book contains:

An essential book for all English language teachers.

Gem Publishing: ISBN 978-0-9559461-0-3

Cost: £35.00 plus £8 post and packing.*

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“This is a great book.  I use it all the time.”   (Cathy, Switzerland)

“This book has become my bible for teaching grammar in the classroom.”   (Klaus, Germany)

“When I used this book with learners they said they understood the different tenses for the very first time.”  (Isabella, Italy)

“When I teach with this book my learners want the photocopies from it because it is so useful and so clear.”  (Hans Peter, Switzerland)

“I have been using your books Concept Questions and Time Lines, Primary English Lesson Materials and Popular Films for Business English ever since I bought them!  Honestly, I think they are brilliant!  It makes teaching easy-going, understandable for everyone, and great fun to boot!  I manage to keep my students motivated with your materials, and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?”  (Christine, Switzerland)

“I started using your amazing book, Concept Questions and Time Lines, on my CELTA Teacher Training course, and it is such a great help that now I want to buy your other books.”  (Miranda, Russia)